I was born and raised in a small desert town in Southern California. I spent most of college as a Latin major until I realized that I wouldn’t be able to help anyone very much (myself included) translating a dead language, so I added a Biology major. I graduated in 2017 from the University of Michigan Dental School with the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) in the Army. I am currently stationed in Washington State where I am serving my scholarship obligation (4 years for 4 years). I have one son who is my motivation to do everything, a loving wife, and two cats.

Random facts about me: I have been in an airplane that has called “mayday” and then landed on a highway, my childhood home was a llama ranch, and I am the youngest of 6 brothers.

The Gold Crown Podcast was made because I started looking at a 50,000 foot view of life and realized that the traditional career path for dentistry involved having to work until the age of 69 (according the ADA), and even then many dentists still don’t have enough to retire so they work well into their 70’s – much later than the average American. Now, some may say “wait, dentists just work so long because really love the profession,” but the sad reality is that 96% of dentists struggle to retire and maintain their current lifestyle according to the ADA. We dentists seem to be book smart, but we (myself included) don’t have superb finance knowledge. While I plan on doing dentistry for a long while, there had to be a more optimized career path that allowed the option to retire sooner – much sooner. I discovered FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) blogs, books, and podcasts that encourage personal development, financial accountability and investing. I could not find any podcast on dentistry and FIRE, so rather than being frustrated about it, I thought I would start a FIRE dental podcast of my own in the hopes of helping at least one person get the information I was so hungry for.

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